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***Available for pick-up at the store only***

Port-style liqueur.

Color/taste: red-orange, with a nose of strawberry jam and vanilla. A hint of spice adds to the aromatic complexity. The palate brings back these flavors of strawberries in jam, where the sugar and a touch of bitterness create a beautiful complexity. The whole thing is very well balanced and tasty.

Pairing: for itself as a digestive, for cooking, with cheeses, dark chocolate or desserts.

Contains almonds.

Suggested serving temperature: 4 C or on ice

Price: taxes included


Liqueur style port.

Tasting notes: Sunset colors of orange and red tint the glass and lead to delicate aromas of strawberry jam and vanilla followed by spice undertones. On the palate notes of strawberry jam are at the forefront with sweetness and hints of bitterness creating a complex balance of flavors.

Pairing: Serve as a digestive, with cheese, dark chocolate, desserts or in recipes.

Suggested service temperature: 4C or served on ice.

Contain almonds.

Taxes included in the price.

Strawberry mistelle 375ml

  • Sale prohibited to persons under 18 years of age.

    Sale in Quebec only.

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