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 The Rivest family

La Ferme Guy Rivest, a family story! Small Quebec company intended to support the family at the base, the company has grown and took the face of the owners over the years. Since December 2007, is the fourth generation joined the company!


Here are some milestones:


1946: Jean-Paul Rivest and Yvonne Chevrette are acquiring the farm. At the time, they had 5 cows.


1947: First strawberry harvest of Mr. and Mrs. Rivest.


1971: Sale of the herd (60 heads) to keep only the production of strawberries.


1982: Purchase of the farm by Guy Rivest and Louise Rondeau. They produce strawberries, of course, but also tomatoes and cucumbers in hydroponic greenhouses.


1987: Stop the production of tomato and cucumber.


1995: Incorporation of the family business, with the owners Guy Rivest and Louise Rondeau. Start of production of strawberry wine Libertine.


2004: Construction of a shop open year round and a processing plant for the new product line "Fantaisies Champêtre de Lanaudière" (jams, syrups, marinades and jellys).


2008: Purchase of land for St-Ambroise de Kildare.


2010: 300 Plantation haskap plants.


2011: Development and marketing of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry pearls (molecular cuisine).


2013: Start of production of sweet corn.


2014: Plantation of an orchard forest gardens in St-Ambroise de Kildare and an educational garden in Rawdon (over 450 plants of 25 different species).

2017 : Now a groundcherry producer.

2018 : New activity : Big corn maze !

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